Sponsored article: The world leader for bladder injection presses | European Rubber Journal

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REP international is referenced as premium supplier for the production of bladders by injection Pallet Mould

Sponsored article: The world leader for bladder injection presses | European Rubber Journal

After more than 40 years of experience - unrivaled on the market - and bladder presses successfully installed worldwide, REP is positioned with the most demanding tire manufacturers and their suppliers, experts in membrane production.

With a wide range of injection molding machines (clamping force from 500 to 2,400 tons) dedicated to the bladders production, which allow the production of high quality bladders for a complete range of tire types and sizes: whatever is for open or closed bladders, bladders for motorcycles, light vehicles, Heavy Truck tires or OTRs - REP has the tailored solution.

Injection molding has many advantages and with a REP press and our support to optimized processes and molds. This results in reduced production time by more than 65% and increased durability of parts life due to unique control and precision.

As the compound is already heated and homogenized inside the extruder, both the cycle time and degassing cycles are reduced, there is also less waste with compound savings of up to 20-30%. Due to precise control of compound flow inside the mold, the bladder thickness is more consistent and therefore the wall thickness can be reduced to 4-5 mm compared to the usual 6-7 mm with compression-molded bladders.

Among other advantages the precise characteristics of the injected bladders guarantee a consistent surface quality and the improved mechanical properties, which are particularly important when considering that bladders must withstand temperatures of around 180°C and pressures of 25 bars during the whole curing time of the tire (i.e. an average of 15 minutes for a light vehicle tire).

The lifetime from compression vs. injection bladder is increase from 40 to 100% but another key advantage is the consistency from one bladder to another. This make a perfect anticipation for the replacement of the bladder in the curing press. Our Tempinverter® feature minimizes the dispersion and a brings an extended lifespan, up to 500 tires or more.

This feature within the injection channel diverts the material from the outside walls to the middle and from the middle to the outside, thereby increasing the temperature profile coming out of the injection nozzle. With Tempinverter® the cavity is filled homogeneously, the final balance of the bladder is better, reject rate is lower when life time is longer.

The consistency of the new slim thickness bladder increases the heat transmission to the tire, reduces the sliding effect and the surface lifetime increases, insuring a perfect air evacuation against the inner liner. The versatility of REP machines also depends on their compatibility with all the various heating systems, in particular those powered by steam, fluid, electric, etc.

The customer proven level of accuracy and repeatability in the process due to the REP presses is the confirmation of the high reliability of REP solutions.

As a turnkey solution provider, REP also offers access to connectivity with its REP Pack 4.0 to integrate our presses as part of a smart factory with monitoring and analysis of the process even from a distance, and above all a precise and optimized production.

Always in search of evolution and improvement, the bladders injection molding machines range is compatible with the energy saving innovations developed by REP such as: mold and injection unit insulation, servo-motor pump or brushless motor equipment, but also integration of our combined technical innovation Turbocure® allowing up to 40% cure time savings.

Many degrees of optimization and solutions are possible, in particular with these three approaches: Save energy by saving time, save energy by further reducing waste, save energy by evolving the process.

REP tackles issues traditional technologies can't provide appropriate solutions for. This manufacturing process is not limited to the world of tires but it also allows the industrial manufacture of any thin membrane, for example for manufacturers of accumulators or boosters.

A team of engineers is there for you to study and design presses intended for special applications.


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Sponsored article: The world leader for bladder injection presses | European Rubber Journal

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